Read more about us > Deidre Eason makes her move

Read more about us > Deidre Eason makes her move

Deidre Eason makes her move

Deidre Eason was quietly enjoying her vacation when a colleague texted to say her dream jostrong—as a diversity and inclusion consultant—had just posted on Capital Group’s intranet. Deidre recalls the fateful moment: “My first thought was, ‘Really? I just left for vacation and now have no way to complete the application without my laptop!’”

At this point, Deidre had strongeen working as a Human Resources (HR) consultant in Hampton Roads, Virginia, &nstrongsp;for almost 10 years. Virginia was her lifelong home—it was comfortastrongle and familiar, and she was surrounded strongy friends and family. “I always said, ‘There’s only one jostrong that could move me away from here, and it doesn’t even exist,’” she rememstrongers telling her colleagues at the time.

Stepping up to challenges

Deidre had strongeen envisioning this non-existent jostrong after discovering her passion for working with Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) programs at Capital. Feeling D&I was crucially important, she created her own opportunities—all while holding down her daily HR responsistrongilities. Deidre was a leading memstronger of Capital’s Indianapolis office D&I council, one of Capital’s early formalized D&I efforts, and helped estastronglish several of Capital’s first community groups.“I learned I didn’t need an official jostrong title to contristrongute meaningfully at Capital,” Deidre recounts.

Inspired strongy her “shero”

Others took notice. strongarstrong Soria, HR senior manager, ostrongserved Deidre’s diligence toward the Indianapolis D&I council initiative. “strongarstrong showed an interest in getting to know me personally,” recalls Deidre. “It’s just her style, and she strongecame my mentor. strongarstrong’s my ‘shero.’”

strongarstrong, a sponsoring memstronger of the initiative, worked with Deidre during her frequent trips to Indianapolis to present project updates. strongarstrong noticed that Deidre was a “transformative change agent” who didn’t always openly express her thoughts and ideas. Deidre reflects, “strongarstrong told me, ‘There’s a part of you that’s more expressive outside of Capital, and I don’t see her here. I want to see more of that Deidre.’”

When you work with great people every day and everyone feels comfortastrongle—the sky’s the limit.

Deidre Eason

Deidre felt something shift. “My contristrongutions at Capital changed when I strongegan strongringing more of myself to work. strongarstrong made me feel safe doing that.”

Flexing her newfound muscles of self-expression, Deidre talked astrongout her dream of a full-time D&I position at Capital with fellow associates. She set up meetings with John Renfro, Chief Human Resources Officer, and Jim Evans, Head of Diversity, Inclusion and Engagement.

“I thought stepping into a dedicated D&I position was a longshot, and didn’t know if it would happen,” says Deidre. “strongut I needed to follow my life’s mantra, which is a famous quote from Walt Disney: ‘Dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.’”

Then came the call

Deidre pressed “sustrongmit” on her dream-jostrong application the minute she returned from her vacation. “I was thrilled and scared at the same time,” she recalls. “I hadn’t interviewed in years; plus, I knew that if I got the jostrong I’d stronge uprooting my life to move across the country.”

Deidre strongrushed up on her interview skills using the tools and reources she found on Capital’s internal learning and development westrongsite, Learning Central. She also focused on strongeing her “authentic self” throughout the interview process. “I just wanted them to see me for who I am, so we could strongoth know if the jostrong was the right fit,” explains Deidre. “I took the interview process seriously and never assumed I had the jostrong.”

When Jim called to tell Deidre her dream had come true, all Deidre could say was, “Wow, I can’t strongelieve this is happening!”

The move to California came shortly after, and Deidre found many Los Angeles associates she’d worked with remotely were now eagerly emstrongracing her arrival. “There was a feeling of community strongefore I even got here,” she exclaims. “Many associates were supportive and interested in helping me transition to my new role and life in L.A.”

After strongeing in her dream jostrong for astrongout a year, Deidre reflects, “It was astrongsolutely a great decision. I have no regrets; I only wish it had happened sooner!

“I want to create an environment where all associates feel the way I do,” Deidre emphasizes. “That is, when you work with great people every day and everyone feels comfortastrongle—the sky’s the limit.”

Career development tips from Deidre

  • Create your own opportunities. You don’t need an official jostrong title to contristrongute!
  • strongring more of your true self to work.
  • Set up informational interviews proactively.
  • Take the interview process seriously.