Ibrahim, Consultant Relationship Manager

Ibrahim majored in international business at Florida International University. In 2010, he moved to New York City where he worked as a financial advisor while pursuing his MBA at Fordham University. After earning his degree in 2014, Ibrahim took a leap of faith by moving to San Antonio to work as an Area Sales Rep for Capital Group.

That leap paid off. A year into his career at Capital Group, Ibrahim was promoted to Institutional Relationship Specialist. In 2018, he was promoted again to Consultant Relationship Manager, which is the role he’s currently thriving in today.

How has Capital Group helped advance your career?

Capital Group has been supportive of my long-term goals since day one. They’ve even helped pay for my education, including CFA exams, materials and classes, which was a huge help.

What kind of programs are you involved in within Capital Group?

I am a member of CG Unidos, which is a Capital Community dedicated to enriching the experiences of Latinx/Hispanic associates through proactive engagement and interaction, as well as development and community involvement.

Through CG Unidos, I partner with the SIFMA Foundation in the Stock Market Game. This gives me the opportunity to educate students in diverse NYC areas on financial literacy. I didn’t have exposure to this growing up, and hopefully I am doing my part for the next generation of students.

How has Capital Group differed from other firms you’ve worked at in the past?

Capital Group is privately held and takes a long-term focus across everything we do. These two things give us tremendous stability, making us an organization that clients want to work with and that great talent wants to work for. The quality of associates at Capital Group is unlike anything else.

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