Jaylen, SLATE Associate

Jaylen first learned about Capital Group as a Morehouse College student, when he attended the Atlanta University Center’s career fair. As he looked for this first job, Jaylen’s non-negotiables were to be treated with respect and given the necessary tools to reach his full potential.

Capital appealed to Jaylen for three reasons, all of which checked the boxes for him to meet his requirements.

  1. The culture and how much Capital Group values the overall welfare of its associates.
  2. How the Sales Learning Agility and Training Experience (SLATE) program would allow him to get his Series 7 and 66 licences in his first year out of school, while also giving him the opportunity to develop additional professional skills.
  3. The stability of working for an established, privately owned company.

Now well into his role at Capital Group, Jaylen is proud to say that he has not had to compromise what’s most important to him.

How would you describe your experience at Capital Group?

Capital Group is an amazing company with great personal and professional benefits. The company supplies associates with not only physical resources, but also many vital developmental resources as well. Educational assistance, online platforms that provide courses for professional skill development, and interactive trainings are just a few examples of what associates have access to.

How does Capital Group focus on diversity, equity and inclusion (DE&I)?

Capital’s authenticity is demonstrated through the transparency of the Senior Leadership team and the creation of internal metrics that measure progress towards greater diversity, equity and inclusion (DE&I). Capital shows how proactive it is through programs like SLATE, which aim to attract diverse talent, and through our Capital Communities, which serve as vehicles of embracing differences and learning about others.

What advice would you give to a grad looking for the first job in their career?

Be open to opportunities and embrace change! You should always keep in mind that your first job is not your last. Learning to be comfortable with being uncomfortable will lead to significant growth.

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