Terence, Core Ops Senior Associate

Terence graduated in 2015 from Morehouse College with a degree in business administration, concentrating in accounting. Shortly after, he began his career at a local loan servicing company, working first in collections and then investor relations.

Before long, Terence realized that he wanted to work for a company where he could grow and develop into a leader. That’s when he found Capital Group and learned about its commitment to its associates, which felt like a breath of fresh air.

When Terence started at Capital, he wasn’t disappointed. The longer he was with the company, the more he was impressed with the atmosphere of support and opportunities for growth. Today, Terence works at Capital Group as a Core Ops Senior Associate and continues to successfully build his career.

How does Capital Group support early career associates?

Capital Group has an amazing atmosphere of support. There are so many people willing to help you transition into the work world and great managers who are truly interested in your career growth and development.

What kind of programs are you involved in within Capital Group?

I am part of the Capital Associates of African Descent (CAAD) and the Green Team, which supports the company’s sustainability initiatives. Both groups have given me the opportunity to meet diverse people who I would normally never talk to in my day-to-day. They help me to get "away" from my desk and discuss things I’m passionate about.

Why do you like working at Capital Group?

It’s easy for me to say Capital is a place unlike any other company. To experience the camaraderie and support to see you succeed as an individual…well, you’ll have to just see for yourself!

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